MiniScript Roundup #11

MiniScript Roundup #11

Welcome to the final MiniScript Roundup for 2023. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Despite the holidays, there still been some MiniScript activity.

  • Joe has put up his release candidate for Mini Micro 1.2.1 in Discord, for testing. So shouldn't be long now when the official release will be out.

  • There's been several people interested in creating alternate language ports for MiniScript recently. First we have Seb with his Typescript port, and now we have Trey Tomes working on a Rust port. There's a new channel on the MiniScript discord, for anyone interested in discussing language ports.

  • Speaking of Seb, he's put up a demo game with his implementation, letter shooter. Go check it out for some space shooting hangman!

  • Joe has put up a great blog post on doing automated lip-syncing in Mini Micro. Amazing how easy it can be to achieve things these days, that were unthinkable for the average programmer, not that long ago (at least it doesn't seem that long ago to me). Read the post here.

I have no update on my Godot MiniScript library this week, as I've been busy with family and a side project, so that's your news for the week.
Have a great New Year's, and I'll see you all in 2024!