MiniScript Roundup #12

MiniScript Roundup #12

Welcome to this weeks round up of MiniScript News

  • Seb has written a Mini Micro Web Runner CLI blog post on his Mini Micro Web Runner project about powering it with some CLI tools. This is rapidly becoming a full fledged environment for web deployment of MiniScript, well worth a read.

  • On the desktop side of things, Joe has an article on Creating Your Own Command Shell for Mini Micro.

  • Trey Tomes has put up a video journal entry about writing Micro-Hack in Mini Micro. This should be an interesting series, let hope we see lots more journal entries.

  • After reviewing some technical articles on machine learning, Joe has shown us a screenshot of some work on machine learning in Mini Micro. Not sure if he's planning on world domination here, or just practicing his mad scientist skills. Keep an eye out for future news on this one, if the AI doesn't take over his computer first.

  • There's also a new thread in the discord channel about creating an 80's style all in one gaming machine running Mini Micro. It's an interesting idea. If you'd like more details, or would like to contribute to the discussion, you can check out the discord thread here.

That's all I have for the week. No updates on my project, which is on a small hiatus while I work on something else with the last week of my summer vacation. Then it's back to the real world for another year.

Until next time, enjoy your week.

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