MiniScript Roundup #14

MiniScript Roundup #14

Welcome to another week of MiniScript News

  • The Trey Tomes show continues as he's been spitting out a bunch of new Mini Micro videos as he works on various components of his Micro hack game. I'll just list all the YouTube links here, check out the ones you are interested in.

Mini Micro Sound and UI
Micro Hack Collision Detection
Background music and NPC Interactions

Introduction to the Mini Micro and the rpg-lite project.
Playing a familiar tune with runtime sound generators.
Implementing the conversation UI, part 1.
Implementing the conversation UI, part 2.
Behold the Fully-Functional Conversation Window!

  • Joe has put up a blog on using some of the supplied textures that come with Mini Micro

That's this week's highlights. Of course there's been other discussion happening on the MiniScript Discord channel, so why don't you join in the conversation, if you aren't already there. See you all next week.