MiniScript Roundup #15

MiniScript Roundup #15

I can't believe one month of 2024 is already gone. I'm juggling too many projects at the moment, and there's just not enough hours in the day to work on all of them. So time to get moving with this weeks MiniScript news.

  • Trey Tomes is powering on with MiniScript videos. Following on from last week's showcase, with a musical theme running through this lot, as well as animations, Micro Hack updates and a new project on a completely different idea using the Star Trek LCARS UI for enterprise resource planning! Here's what he's done this week.

  • Joe has written a blog highlighting one of the demo's that comes with Mini Micro, a recreation of the classic arcade game, Asteroids. I spent so many hours playing this game way back when in both arcades and on one of my early computers, a Commodore 64. I even have a vague recollection of a version of this being on my first computer, the TRS-80, one of the first true home PC's available.

And of course there's lots of other development discussion happening on the MiniScript Discord Channel. So why not hope over there and join the conversation.

That's this weeks news. See you all next week.