MiniScript Roundup #17

MiniScript Roundup #17

Welcome to another week of MiniScript news. Let's get to it.

  • Episode #2, Attack of the Cl..... oh wait, wrong saga... Episode #2 of Joe's Base Defender Live Coding session has been released. You too, can watch a grown make up stuff as he goes along!

  • In other sagas, Trey Tomes is doing reps by opening and closing doors in his rpg-lite project

  • And then he does some font magic integration into his game as well

  • and finally for Trey, he's continuing work on his Fantasy ERP code, this week talking about application structure.

  • Joe has put a blog post on Pratt Parsing in MiniScript, a form of expression parsing (and I don't mean telling whether someone is smiling or frowning, either). Well worth a read.

  • Conversion on the Discord channel has been varied this week, with topics such as :-

    • Implementing a TIC-80 fantasy computer through MiniScript

    • Using escape characters in command-line MiniScript to produce colourful text output

    • Converting fonts to use with Mini Micro, along with Sebnozzi's Bitmap Font rendering library for Mini Micro and other options

    • Running Command Line MiniScript in a web browser using Seb's web-runner implementation of MiniScript

    • And finally, amongst other various topics, Joe's history with MUD POO!

If you're curious on any of these things, be sure to join the fun on the MiniScript Discord channel.

With my day job beginning of year mayhem slowly starting to subside, I hope to get some time back on my own Godot MiniScript project in the new few weeks, and finally start wrapping up the first version for release into the wild. No promises, but I am thinking about it again, so stay tuned for that.

Until next time, happy coding.

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