MiniScript Roundup #19

MiniScript Roundup #19

Welcome to another week of MiniScript news, or actually another two weeks news, as I was busy with family last weekend. I have another busy weekend this weekend, but not before I get some news out. I think it's the Joe Show this edition, but let's see what we've missed out on.

  • Continuing from where he left of, Joe published Episode #5 of his Base Defender coding series

  • Ever the tinkerer, he's also been experimenting with getting MiniScript running natively on a Raspberry Pi. Check out how far he's gotten in this article.

  • For those looking for some classic graphics coding techniques, he's got a nice article on using Off-screen displays in Mini Micro

  • From someone who isn't Joe, Discord user Minerobber has written a Base64 encoding/decoding library that could prove very useful to some. If you have the need to convert data between binary and text, this is very useful. Checkout this GitHub Link to the code.

  • If you'd just like to watch some MiniScript coding in practice, why not checkout this coding session from Discord user shellrider

That's all I have for this update. There's been lots of other discussion on coding in the MiniScript Discord as well, so check it out if you want to get involved. Until next time...