MiniScript Roundup #22

MiniScript Roundup #22

Welcome to another edition of MiniScript news. Here's what's new since our last edition.

  • MiniScript has partnered with Micro Jam to create bi-weekly, 48 hour game jams. This is an exciting chance for you to practice your MiniScript skills while producing a working game. Read up on all the information in Joe's post.

  • Trey Tomes has put up a couple of new YouTube videos on building a scene graph. Check them out.

  • Joe's put up an article showing some text entry tricks in Mini Micro. You can never have enough text entry tricks, so be sure to check out the article.

  • Bible Clinger has been working on a different game jam, a 1-bit game, which he completed during the jam. You can check it out on

That's the highlights for this edition, but be sure to check out the MiniScript Discord , where lots of behind the scenes development is happening, including someone working on creating a Space Invaders clone, one of the very first video games I ever played when it was first released. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

See you all next time.