MiniScript Roundup #8

MiniScript Roundup #8

Welcome to this week's Roundup, and welcome to the festive season! Here's what's been happening in MiniScript this week.

  • There are a couple of major events happening for MiniScript coders in line with the season. The first is the Advent of Code event. This is a fun challenge for those who like to solve programming puzzles, and Joe Strout is even offering prizes for those entering the MiniScript challenge. It's not too late to join. All the details are available in Joe's Advent of Code Blog Post.

  • The second event is the annual Robo Reindeer Rumble. This is a programming game where you code your own AI for robotic Reindeer, and send it into the arena to do battle with other players Reindeer AI's. The last Reindeer remaining wins.
    You can check out last year's contest in the YouTube video here or check out last year's forum thread on the MiniScript forums. To play and start coding, visit the Robo Reindeer Rumble website, where you will also find all the instructions you need to play as well.

  • Joe has been working on some updates for Mini Micro 1.2.1. Preview #5 is now available. If you'd like to help test the preview build, visit the MiniScript Discord Channel for the links and information.

  • He's also including a new Tower Defense demo in 1.2.1 as well. Here's a quick picture of the WIP video from the Discord channel.

    • Seb has been going great guns on his TypeScript implementation of MiniScript. One of his latest demos is a simple space shooter style using sprites. Keep an eye on this one.

  • My GDMiniScript project has been on hold for the week. Apart from some improvements in the error handling code, I've had no other time to work on it, with my day job keeping me longer hours, and my few spare hours have been spent in a rabbit hole of updating my music production apps on my iPad, in the hopes I can get going on some of my music production, which down the track can be used with any games or other projects I create in MiniScript. There's a lot to learn, however, and I have very limited practical experience, so it's a long road ahead on this one too.

So that's it for this week. Hope you all have a great upcoming week. It's my last week at work before holidays. Bring on Summer vacation! See you all next week.

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