MiniScript Roundup #9

MiniScript Roundup #9

Welcome to Issue #9 of MiniScript Roundup. It was my last week at my real job for the year, so I've been fully preoccupied there, but have a few things of note in the MiniScript world this week.

  • I reported last week the annual Robo Reindeer Rumble was on again. Joe has decided, with the Advent of Code on at the same time, to cancel Robo Reindeer Rumble this year. Keep an eye out for next year though, where it may be getting a rewrite, and come back bigger and better.

  • And speaking of the Advent of Code, it's still going strong. Hop on the MiniScript Discord Channel if you aren't already a member there, and chat with others who are participating. Joe live-streamed his attempts on Day #3 over on his Twitch Channel if you want to go back and what man himself working that big brain of his.

  • Update 1.2.1 of Mini Micro and the matching updates for the MiniScript core are almost ready. Stay tuned for this one, there should be some nice improvements.

  • Seb is still powering on with his TypeScript implementation of MiniScript. Almost every day he's showing us some new updates, and they look great.

  • Mark Gurevitx has released his example of a MiniScript Parser written in MiniScript. Well worth a look for some of the more involved things that can be achieved with MiniScript.

  • Last, and definitely least this week, my progress on GDMiniScript - NOTHING! Haven't even turned my computer on all week. As mentioned above, my day job took priority. But, it's holidays now, so I should have lots to report next week, if I don't slack off that is - it is holidays, after all... :)

Don't forget to let me know if I've missed anything. See you all next week.

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