MiniScript Roundup No. 3

MiniScript Roundup No. 3

It’s been a busy week in the MiniScript world and I'm playing catch up, so let's get to it.

  • Joe has completed his MiniScript version of Super Star Trek. It hasn't been added to the BASIC games GitHub repository yet, but you can read about the game on its GitHub page. If you'd like to see Joe's work, you can find the Mini Micro file on the Discord server.

  • Next, Joe has also been busy and has finalised the BASIC games conversions, along with help from some of the community members, particularly Chinhouse. Check them all out at the Basic Computer Games GitHub.

  • He's also posted an interesting article about whether MiniScript is a Dialect of Basic. Be sure to give it a read.

  • For those interested in the BASIC programming language, including Joe's version of Mini Basic, we came across a website that covers the BASIC language in all its forms. If you're interested, check the page at

  • Finally from Joe this week, He has been working on Galactic Empire, a recreation of a classic Mac game that runs in Mini Micro, and it's looking very nice. He's published a GitHub project for it.

  • We have another user who has been working on a chat program in Mini Micro

  • There has been plenty of lively discussion on the MiniScript Discord regarding topics such as function calls, performance, variable scope, the inner workings of core MiniScript code, and the differences between the C# and C++ implementations, among other things.

  • There have also been some interesting conversations around how to package a Mini Micro game.

  • We've also seen some bug identification and improvement suggestions, which is always good to see that active discussion and development continue.

  • Not directly MiniScript related, but Joe also found an interesting blog post on "The 5 Levels of Readable Code" that should interest any developer

  • Chinhouse has been hard at work on his slide puzzle game and has finished his animated version. There's been no public video posted, but if you'd like to see it in action, why not join the MiniScript Discord server, and check out the show-and-tell channel?

  • Chinhouse has also been continuing to push out those Rosetta Code tasks.

  • User Juh9870, whose previous work includes the Easing library, is working on a Match 3 game in MiniScript.

  • On my personal development front, implementing MiniScript in Godot has been slower than I had hoped. This is due to spending an entire weekend tracking down a peculiar, undocumented Godot feature that prevented my code from working, as well as dealing with some real-life issues. Nevertheless, I have managed to clean up a lot of the core functionality, ensure globals work and are preserved between script invocations, and improve the editor UI to offer more features. Behind the scenes, I've begun designing Module #2, which will enable end-user custom intrinsics. I'm eager to see this module functioning, as it is crucial for integrating custom game design into MiniScript code.

That's it for this week. If you have found some MiniScript news that I've missed, why not send me a message so I can include it next time? See you all next week.

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