MiniScript in Godot Progress Report #1

MiniScript in Godot Progress Report #1

Just a quick update on progress this week. Since I wrote my Design Article last week, I've been working on the following:-

  • Getting the Core module stable, including refactoring some of the code and how custom intrinsics will work, and some behind-the-scenes work just to get my development environment more streamlined.

  • Changed my editor test bed to use an updated script editor, based on the built-in Godot script editor, and added some additional editing functionality and logging capabilities to the interface

  • Setting the project up as a GitHub repository

  • Researching and experimenting with the simplest way to implement the Extensions module. I think the C++ preprocessor may be able to do what I need. X macros is one idea I've been toying around with, but have yet to do any testing on what works.

  • I wanted to include setting and getting global variables from MiniScript, only to realise the MiniScript C++ libraries don't include that functionality. So I also had a little side-trip into issuing a pull request on the master GitHub repository and adding the required functionality.

Plans for the upcoming week include:-

  • Implementing GDScript calls to manage MiniScript globals. This will probably also involve some additional UI work to view the results of the integration. I think maybe a watch window, or at least an inspector in the UI may be a way to test this.

  • Adding text input functionality. Now that the core is close to being functionally complete from a framework perspective, adding basic I/O features is something I'm working on. Allowing MiniScript to get text responses is the first step.

  • After the above changes are bedded in, it'll be time to nail down the two or three mechanisms I may implement, for adding custom intrinsics.

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