MiniScript Roundup #1

All the latest happenings in the world of MiniScript


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Here's what's been happening lately in the world of MiniScript

  • Developer marcgurevitx has released a pattern expression generator for MiniScript over on Github (MiniScript PEG Library)

  • He's also been doing a great job with some updates on the MiniScript Wiki, thanks Marc! Anyone else who can, should head over and help add articles to the Wiki as well, as there's still lots to do.

  • Developer juh9870 has been working on a fork of the VSCode syntax highlighter for MiniScript and enhancing it. Checkout the repo at this link VSCode Miniscript syntax highlighter

  • He has also been showing us some fancy sprite animations running in Mini Micro, and has created easing routines for sprite movement, plus a fancy graph display to show the effect of each ease type.

  • MiniScript creator, Joe Strout has an ongoing project which is nearing completion, porting 100 old-time BASIC games to MiniScript. He just completed #86, Poker. You can read Joe's original post about the project, and where to find the code on here.

  • There's also been some discussion on the MiniScript discord about how poorly written some of this original BASIC code was. Back then just getting anything to work was a chore. Just goes to show, that some things have improved with time.

  • MiniScript developer Chinhouse has been putting in some MiniScript coding miles, also working on some of the 100 BASIC games, and recently coding several games.

  • This one's a couple of weeks old, but it's a great article on MiniScript and Mini Micro, well worth a read

  • Finally, for the sake of completeness and tooting my own horn, I posted a blog post and YouTube video about my first attempt at implementing MiniScript in Godot 4. There's much more to come on this project, which you can find on my blog here. If you're interested in following any of the behind-the-scenes discussions, be sure to join the Discord, where I grill everyone for help ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Until next time, may your code be swift and free of bugs.

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