MiniScript Roundup #4

MiniScript Roundup #4

Hi All, welcome to this week's MiniScript Roundup. It's been a fairly quiet week, so will be a brief one.

  • Joe Strout posted a blog article on the completed BASIC games port, check it out here.

  • He also created a web browser menu to let you choose and play any of these games you'd like to try out

  • And finally, he continues to work on his Galactic Empire game

  • User Olipro, our resident expert in all things low-level coding, has been continuing to offer suggestions for optimising the MiniScript core library and challenging us all to think differently about our coding. There's always something new to learn when Olipro is around. He and other community members are helping to improve MiniScript and squash bugs every day. It's always great to see community effort going into a product.

  • This one's a bit older, but didn't make last week's article. Coding Seb has popped in and posted a YouTube video showing some work on coding a MiniMicro game, with his example of "Feed the Wumpus". Check it out here


  • Lastly, this week, I have an update on my MiniScript in Godot project. It's been another week of trying to work around some bugs and limitations in Godot that prevented my library functions from running when scripts were created in GDScript. After spending a couple of days upgrading my project libraries to the Godot 4.2 beta, which solved half the problem, and then another day working around the other half of the problem, I'm happy to say I finally have code that works as intended in Godot.

    Now that I can focus on the actual extension code rather than just integration issues, I've made progress on several fronts. Most notably, I have working code that allows a Godot developer to add their own MiniScript intrinsics without having to delve into C++. I'm thrilled that this solution works. This means that Module 2 is well on track for implementation, and completing Module 1, the core, along with Module 2, custom extensions, will signify the completion of Layer 1 of my architecture. If I don't encounter any more Godot bugs, I could potentially complete Level 1 in just a couple more weeks.

    That's it for this week! See you next time.

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