MiniScript Roundup #5

MiniScript Roundup #5

Welcome to this week's round-up of MinIScript news

  • I discovered another discord community, the Fantasy Consoles 2.0 discord that has a Mini Micro channel. It covers all things related to fantasy consoles, computers, engines and game creation systems. For anyone interested in retro computing consoles, emulators, or hobbyist hardware and software gaming, there's a wealth of information here for many platforms besides just Mini Micro.

  • We've had a new user pop into the MiniScript discord with a Chinese character username that I can't type, but they have produced a Mini Micro game based on the classic hit game 2048 but with an open goal game of finding the highest number you can. Initial thoughts from the Discord community are that it's quite fun. You can find the code for the game in the show-and-tell channel on the MiniScript Discord Server

  • They also led us to find another game on Steam Ballex2: the Hanging Gardens which has a level editor that allows you to use MiniScript code the write game logic. Using this game, our discord user has also created a Tetris clone within Ballex2

  • They also put up that they have also been working on a clone of the classic Snake game. I believe this may be the first game I ever played on a mobile phone when the old Nokia 6110 was as high-tech as it got.

  • And one more game they've put up has been inspired by Feeding Frenzy following one of the original Mini Micro programming guides videos put up on YouTube. Some of you new to MiniScript may find going back to this one useful

  • Coding Seb pointed us to a version of Conway's Life that he created a while ago.

  • He's also been working on an animated Halloween Demo

  • Finally, Seb, reminded us that he had created a Sokoban game in Mini Micro a while ago. You can check his GitHub repository if you'd like to find out more about that one. He has also written a blog article about creating combined undo actions in his game, well worth a read at

  • Chinhouse is back and has shown us some work on an implementation of the N-Queens problem for Rosetta Code, creating an animated version of the solver running. If you're on the Discord server, you can watch it here

  • Joe Strout, the Miniscript founding father, has been showing us some out-of-the-box usage of MiniScript, by using it to modify an image and produce a smooth gradient from a disjointed set of images, proving that MiniScript is useful for a lot more than just writing games.

  • Of course Joe hasn't abandoned games, and has also been working hard on his Galactic Empire game.

  • Joe's also been hard at work going through all the suggestions, bug fixes and improvements to the MiniScript core language, suggested by the community through the GitHub repository for MiniScript. So we may soon be seeing an updated version of the core language with some of these improvements.

  • My Work on GDMiniScript, my MiniScript to Godot extension, this week has been a little sidetracked from completing the core layer. Firstly as my son is buying his first home.

    I've been helping him through the process. Secondly, with bushfires in our local town, things have been busy at work managing staff shortages, which has led to long work days. Finally, I've been working on upgrading the functionality of my code editor to get things like script saving and loading, and setting up customisable environment configuration working.

    Improving the editor will make it easier for me to do my testing and troubleshooting, so I'm going to spend some more time getting this sorted before completing the implementation of the custom intrinsic workflow process. Still lots of work to do on the UI, so most of this is just functional, not pretty at the moment, and the right side is my test area, so will change completely before I'm done, but here's a screenshot of the current interface for those interested.

And that's it for another week. Hope you all have a great week ahead, and you're bugs are no bigger than ants.

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