MiniScript Roundup #6

MiniScript Roundup #6

Welcome to this week's MiniScript news round-up.

  • Joe has started blogging some quick tips. This first is about checking if a number is in range.

  • Looks like Chat GPT-4 is starting to learn MiniScript although it seems a bit unreliable, but might help start your code outline at least. We have a member, Trey Tomes, who is working on training the AI by feeding it as much MiniScript as he can find, to get it to better understand the structure of MiniScript. If you want to see some of his other AI work, check his GitHub repo on Retrieval Augment Generation

  • One from the archives also by Trey Tomes, is a roguelike game written in Mini Micro. You can check out Micro-hack check on or the GitHub source code.

  • There's been lots of discussion on Discord this week, about bug fixes and improvements to MiniSCript and Mini Micro, as Joe works on implementing a large number of GitHub requests. Looks like we'll have a version update in the near future.

  • While I've been working on adding syntax highlighting to my GDMiniScript editor, Joe pointed out this can be done in Mini Micro as well, which some of you may have missed. Here's a link to his blog article on Mini Micro Theming.

  • Chinhouse is still powering through Rosetta Code tasks. He's been working on Bitmap, Greyscale Image and more.

  • Another Mini Micro project worth revisiting from Joe himself is Descent Into Darkness, a Doom-like Mini Micro Dungeon Crawler. Check this one out if you haven't.

  • And finally, my GDMiniScript progress for the week. I'm behind in my plan, but real work means I'm just too tired to code when I get home each night. Another four weeks before the summer holidays, so I expect progress will still be slow.

    I have however made some progress on improving and adding to the Godot Script editor. I'm consolidating my random testing buttons into a menu bar, working on a proper syntax highlighting theme set-up and user editing, adding developer tools and plugins to customise the intrinsic function aliases and environment configuration, and paving the way for additional developer tool integration.

    I'm not exactly following my roadmap at the moment, but progress is progress.

So that's another week done. Be sure to contact me if you find anything I've missed. Next week's news will be late, as I'm out at a family gathering on my regular day. Hopefully, I'll only be a day late though. See you all then.

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