MiniScript Roundup #2

MiniScript Roundup #2

This week's updates from the world of MiniScript are as follows

  • MinIScript Discord member Chinhouse has been busy adding a collection of code samples to the Rosetta Code repository Here's a look at the additions to the Rosetta libraries

  • Following up on the last report, jun9870 has put up GitHub repositories for the easing and graphing libraries,

  • User Olipro on the MinIScript forums gave us some code to do unit testing, which can be found here,

  • We had some interesting discussions on the discord about how to do precise sprite collision checking, so MiniScript creator Joe Strout decided to throw together some code and show us how it could work,

  • Joe has also been busy with some game updates. First, as part of his BASIC game conversion project, he has uploaded the Stock Market game. Even more exciting is that he is working on a version of the all-time classic, Super Star Trek, which was a hit back in my day before PCs were a thing. Stay tuned for this one.

  • Finally for this week, a couple of updates from me. Firstly, a week ago I did an article about designing the MiniScript to Godot Project Architecture, and today I've posted a progress report on my work since then, and going forward.

That's it for this week, stay tuned until next time, when I'll round up more of the latest MiniScript news and happenings.

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